Brightlights (feat. Rece)

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Brightlights (feat. Rece)
Marry Christmas to all who selebrate it! This song is my gift to you!

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Liner Notes

At the time of recording, I have had a cold so that could've decreased the quality/understandability of my rapping and I'm sorry for that (even fighting with a cold I decided to give you a gift :) )
We wish you a marry Christmas
Wish you a marry Christmas
We wish you a marry Christmas
And a happy new year
(2 times)

magic has started
it's christmas!
santa never showed up
but who cares
house full of
trees, ornaments, candels
and whole band downstairs
So cold outside
wind, snow, let's ride!
or stay inside
in a company, it's not cold a lot
the christmas magic keeps us hot
Everyone's here
Familly, friends,
but not my dear
I keep thinking about her
I'm happy, but I'm not
I take some beer
but it makes me no better
Without her I'm so distraught
Where is she
why she's not here
skype. notification
could that be dear?
she can't come
there are no flights
with that I drink some more
saying fuck you christmas, the fire ignites


Thanks lots to Rece for singing in this song!


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